Joanna Duarte’s Appointment

Dear colleagues,

It is strange to start a new assignment and only see your new colleagues in a Zoom window… My name is Joana Duarte and since February 2020 I am a professor by special appointment for “World Citizenship and Bilingual Education” (0.2 FTE) at the Faculty of Social and Behavioral Sciences (Research Institute of Child Development and Education / ILO). The chair was established on behalf of the Nuffic Foundation.

My research focuses on language acquisition and education in multilingual environments, with special attention for the acknowledgement and use of pupils’ home languages in primary and secondary education. The special chair will primarily focus on research into forms of education in which personal development (persoonsvorming; Biesta, 2012) is seen as a consequence of global citizenship education. In addition, the research will look at the development of global citizenship in the context of bi- and multilingual education. It will also examine other educational innovations, learning routes and forms of education in the field of international orientation, in particular where the European and international learning routes with enhanced language education and bilingual primary education are concerned.

In addition to my work at the UvA, I am also a professor of applied sciences (lector) for Multilingualism and Literacy at the NHL Stenden University of Applied Sciences in the North of the Netherlands, and an assistant professor at the Faculty of Arts of the University of Groningen.

For those interested in reading more about my research, here is a link to my inaugural lecture at NHL Stenden (NB: it is a multilingual piece!).

Looking forward to actually seeing you all in a non-zoom context,